20th August to 18th September 2022


FOOD FOR THOUGHT is an exhibition of paintings that engage with consumption, preparation and excess. Deconstructing food into F - O - O - D, this exhibition examines our complex relationship with the stuff we ‘take in’ and the gooey implications of our routes to satisfaction.

Bringing together paintings by Claire Dorsett, Jenny Eden, Brian Mountford and Joe O’Rourke, FOOD FOR THOUGHT appears as a vivid, playful show on the surface, diving deep to examine our dependency on synthetic food and its manufacture, the wicked underbelly of our time. In 'this time’, colour is outrageous and unreal, grubby, dirty or grey, and everyday existence is entangled, bulging with empty promises that are propelling the planet into ultimate disarray.

Like painting, close contact with ingredients of ‘food-ing’ concocts independent agents, configurations and visions, that look back and encourage us (the makers and consumers) to address the hunger we invested at the starting line of production. Excess leads to revolt and these paintings are in the eye of the storm, with their multifarious demonstrations and query-sumptuous references. What may look appetising on the outside could be riddled with complication internally. Lick, slurp, slug – be careful what you wish for.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT has been selected to be a part of A Modest Show. While Manchester hosts the British Art Show 9, A Modest Show will run alongside showcasing Manchester's artists and artist-led venues. From May until September, the programme will deliver 43 new commissions, working with 100 artists, across 27 venues. Focusing on hospitality, dining and food, A Modest Show offers a main course instead of an exhibition,

creative food-led events as dessert, a chopping block as a studio, a kitchen as a gallery and restaurants as museums, inviting you to #EATMANCHESTERARTISTS

A Modest Show is funded and supported by Arts Council England and Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT opens on Saturday 20th August and continues to Sunday 18th September, Thurs to Sat 12-4pm, by appointment only – please email or DM on Instagram @oceansapartgallery