Lovers Lane


Dates: 30th April to 30th May 2021

Socially distanced Finissage: Friday 28th May, 6-9pm (more details to follow)


Lovers Lane is an exhibition of paintings by fourteen artists whose work luxuriates in form, immediacy and the poetics of a Dionysian approach to painting. Depicting recognisable content, however loose that might be, this exhibition demonstrates an enthusiastic return to figuration, through flexible representation, poetic emblems and the sensual energy carried in the body and the land.


Artists: Sophie Birch, Zac Bradley, Peter Burns, B. Chehayeb, Martyn Cross, Rae Hicks, Anna-lise Horsley, Anna Ilsley, David R Newton, Alexander James Pollard, Jess Power, Ben Risk, Joy Simpson, Julie-Ann Simpson


Image: B.Chehayeb, ‘Cocina Cochina’ (2021), Oil on panel, 35 x 28cm.


Created by Keith Ashcroft 2019

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