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SCENIUS, curated by David Auborn, the current Freelands Studio Fellow in Painting at Manchester Met, is an exhibition of a selection of those who have generously contributed to the Fellowship's positive experience this last year. It celebrates these individuals both as people and artists deeply rooted in Manchester's community, emphasising the collective spirit that nurtures support and warmth in the city's artistic landscape.


Inspired by Brian Eno's 'scenius' concept, the exhibition challenges the idea of solitary genius, highlighting the interconnectedness of diverse contributors forming a shared 'scenius.' This perspective suggests that intelligence or genius emerges from the collective efforts of a group, encouraging us to rethink culture by focusing on the entire ecology of ideas fostering new thoughts and work

Keith Ashcroft

Robin Broadley

Elysia Byrd

Jenny Eden

Hayley Harmen

Linda Hemmersbach

Owen Ramsay_

Nathan Taylor

David Auborn


PV - Thursday 18th Jan (6-9pm)

Show runs until Sunday 21st Jan

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