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PV: Saturday 16th September, 5-8pm

Continues to 14th October

Seeing Remains brings together eight artists to consider notions of looking at painterly history.


Painting as archaeology - An image buried in the subconscious, waiting to be unearthed. Excavation by application; revealing through addition. Recovering that which was once seen, but cast aside; buried under the weight of new impressions. An expedition for discovery. Discovering new meaning in the remnants of history.


Painting as fragment - Accumulations of marks, moments from a scene that has been tackled, affirmed, removed or faded.  Fragments of experience persist, lingering on the retina: particles of light flickering, bare feet in grass, hands in soil, a winding movement, the smell of rain.


Painting as remains - Carrying the dust and dirt of past decisions; marking time, connecting past, present, and future. Perseverance, despite doubt. Shifts in register, studies of colour. Allusions tested. Difficult routes traversed, but the surface remains, fixed in paint, looking forwards, visible to future eyes.

Paula Baader 

Simon Burton 

Gabriela Giroletti 

Linda Hemmersbach 

Nicholas John Jones

Sophie McKenna 

Kentaro Okumura 

Andrew Seto

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