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Enough is Definitely Enough OCEANS APART

Enough is Definitely Enough

7th March – 3rd April 2020
Oceans Apart, Salford, M3 7DG


Nearly 50 contemporary artists have made new artworks in response to a postcard version of Velázquez’s masterpiece, Las Meninas for an exhibition at Oceans Apart in Salford. ‘Enough is Definitely Enough’ which opens on 7th March and runs to 3rd April, features a huge variety of different artistic responses to the Spanish painter’s masterpiece - arguably the most widely interpreted of all paintings.

Art Historian Daniel Arasse reflected many people's view that everything, or perhaps even nothing, has been said about Las Meninas -"what's the difference, enough is definitely enough!". The artists in the exhibition build upon previous interpretations by renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, Richard Hamilton, Francesco Goya and Eve Sussman. Artists have long been actively influenced by the centuries old painting by Velázquez; with their responses, in turn, offering influence back to Las Meninas to enable new readings. With the artworks made for ‘Enough is Definitely Enough’ there is potential for new relationships with Velasquez's original painting to open up.

The exhibition is curated by Andrew Bracey and forms part of his PhD research at the University of Lincoln. He is exploring how contemporary artists have used and appropriated existing paintings by other artists, through a position of using the metaphor of the parasite and symbiosis in connection with painting. The exhibition is touring from General Practice, Lincoln with new artists being added for Oceans Apart. It will tour on to Pineapple Black, Middlesborough from 19th June – 18th July 2020.

Artists: Euripides Altintzoglou, Keith Ashcroft, Tristram Aver, Maggie Ayliffe, Sarah Bennett, Juan Bolivar, Andrew Bracey, Louise Bristow, Kate Buckley, Louisa Chambers, Fiona Curran, Gordon Dalton, Karen David, Pip Dickens, Annabel Dover, Jenny Eden, Leo Fitzmaurice, Brendan Fletcher, Sarah Gillman, Rebecca Fortnum, Rachel Goodyear, Simón Granell, Tom Hackney, Sharon Hall, Lesley Halliwell, Simon Harris, Josie Jenkins, Ilona Kiss, Geoff Diego Litherland, Alison Lloyd, Cathy Lomax, Rachel Lumsden, Danica Maier, David Manley, Enzo Marra, Robin  Megannity, Andy Pepper, Yelena Popova, Magnus Quaife, James Quin, Daniel Rapley, Lucy Renton, John Rimmer, John M Robinson, David Ryan, Nick Simpson, Stephen Snoddy, Soheila Sokhanvari, Chez Tenneson, Annabel Tilley, Katie Tomlinson, Alun Williams, Gerard Williams

Enough is Definitely Enough
7th March – 3rd April 2020
Private view Friday 6th March 6-8pm, all welcome.
Oceans Apart – OA Studios – 24-26 King Street – Salford – M3 7DG
Open by appointment, email:
Free and open to the public



The Continuous Image


17th January to 14th February 2020


Linda Hemmersbach, Nicholas John Jones, Wendy McLean, Matthew Musgrave, Tim Renshaw, Sharon Swaine

“Completing a picture is much more difficult than beginning it; in fact, it is impossible. I see the development of a picture as a flow of images, halted almost arbitrarily. An idea, or even just a thought, is ripped open, compressed and overlaid, splintered and bundled again, readjusted.”  (Kurt Kocherscheidt, 1991)


‘The Continuous Image’ is an exhibition of contemporary painting by six artists based in London, Manchester and Oslo. It presents groups of paintings as sets of objects relating to each other in a specific space and to the energy around them.


Each of the artists seek activeimages; open, malleable and, at times, unstable forms and spaces. Rather than envisioning complete images they work consciously without a known end.  Paintings act as thought forms that emerge slowly out of the process of painting itself. There is an interest in avoiding, upending, protracting, or stopping before or beyond resolution, finding power in dynamic economical approaches which understate and enfold a subject. Partial images come together and dissolve again, their painterly presence reaching out into the surrounding space.


Attempting to feel their way through the process, the artists are interested in seeing if painted images can hold onto bodily sensations, slight actions or observations in being. In successive actions of laying down of paint, on one or many surfaces, opportunistic images push forward unlooked for avenues, while anticipated ones may shy away. In each artist’s practice repetition plays a pivotal role, from harking to an unseen, absent or buried image to unfolding the possibilities of a twisting, pushing or travelling line.


Ambiguous and continuously shifting, these paintings function as transitional objects, allowing movement from something felt or observed to a new form, which reveals itself and takes on different meanings over time.  Like a sketch that could be added to or pages in a book to be turned, they negate the finite quality of a painting, hoping for open-endedness, uncertainty and possibility.


Exhibition curated by Linda Hemmersbach and Wendy McLean 

Preview: Friday 17thJanuary, 6-9pm. The exhibition continues by appointment until 14thFebruary. Please email

Oceans Apart – OA Studios – 24-26 King Street – Salford – M3 7DG


Image; Sharon Swaine, A Place Of Nestling Green, 2010, Oil on canvas, 30 x 35 cm




6th September to 20th September 2019

Keith Ashcroft, Richard Baker, Simon Burton, Chris Gilvan-Cartwright, Jake Clark, Sam Douglas, Martin Golland, Steph Goodger, Ian Hartshorne, Thomas Hylander, Lisa Ivory,  Phil King, Fischer Mustin, David R Newton, Tom Palin, Mandy Payne, Joseph O’Rourke, Paul Smith, Duncan Swann, Joanna Whittle


A kind of magic takes place when painters ‘re-present’ something. We take an idea, feeling or thing and present it, record it and draw attention to its potential. We also conjure something other by painting it, and reveal what is hidden in it through the act of painting.


The activity is a complex andprimitive one, worked out in and through the painting process itself. It requires intuition and discipline, to orchestrate a multitude of seemingly arbitrary possibilities. And we alternate our responses between seeing the marked surface of registration and endeavouring to facilitate the subject matter at hand. Our intention is to combine these two aspects and generate worlds through depiction, which we unlock, extend, increase and multiply on a 2-dimensional surface.


TWO-FOLD is an exhibition of contemporary painting by 20 artists from the UK, Europe and Canada, with an emphasis on representation, the painted surface and how subject matter is sustained and extended through depiction. The title of the show also refers to a painting problem identified by Philosopher on Art Richard Wollheim, who investigated our capacity to experience both a depictionand the meansby which a depiction has taken place in a painting. He said we witness one experience with two aspects - one experience, therefore, under its own terms.


I believe paintings have internal and external agendas, their own magic. They could even be said to be sculptural - ‘independent pictures’ - free from the constraints of conventional viewing. And we no longer need to see a painting as only a convincing scene or an illusion. Instead it is an independent thing with its own laws, operating alongside convention and tradition as points of reference.

This exhibition seeks to present 20 opportunities to witness an experience, demonstrated in the idiosyncratic way each painter has re-presented the familiar and the unfamiliar. Each painter responds to representation differently, setting up their own twofoldednessand vantage points for seeing the depicted content and seeing the fact that we are in the presence of a painted picture.


twofold flyer 1 (final)_edited.jpg



Flyer OA Little Painting Show.jpg


Private View – Thursday 30th May, 6pm till 9pm.


A Little Painting Show is an exhibition of little paintings by 23 artists, curated by Josie Jenkins and Anna Ketskemety

Opening times: 12-5pm by appointment from Friday 31st May to Friday 7th June - contact 
Closing event 12pm - 4pm, Sat 8th June


Exhibiting artists:

Keith Ashcroft, Zac Bradley, Gay Caul, Jenny Eden, Ula Fung, Sarah Gilman, Oscar Godfrey, Rosie Greenhalgh, Bryan Hible, Jason Hollis, Josie Jenkins, Anna Ketskemety, Michael Lacey, Lindsey Lavender, David Lock, Brendan Lyons, Max Mallender, Enzo Marra, Daniel Newsham, J A Nichols, Jen Orpin, Bernadette O'Toole, Jasmes Quin.  

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